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Workplace Solutions Inc., embraces creative recruiting to get you the best talent. These methods will make your business stand out from the rest.What distinguishes us from other recruiting firms is the diverse background of our recruiters, our personalized service, our creative recruiting strategies and just plain hard work we put into each assignment.

Each recruiter brings expertise in different industries such as; hospitality, retail, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, construction management, AND MORE… Our recruiters have experience as human resource managers and work to fill each assignment from that perspective.

We pride ourselves on the personalized service our recruiters have with our clients, as well and our candidates. We match the assignment to the recruiter with the appropriate expertise. Clients benefit from the ongoing communication and partnership you will have in the recruitment strategy.

Because Workplace Solutions Inc. is a full service company and our recruiters have a human resource generalist background we are capable of offering the following additional services that bring permanent placement full circle.