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Spanish Translation of Human Resource Documents & Employee Handbooks

As the Spanish-speaking workforce and Hispanic employee population continue to grow throughout the United States, this growth brings challenges to companies and organizations of all sizes. Language barriers that Spanish-speaking employees face have a direct impact on their training, productivity, morale, and safety. These factors can cause accidents, high employee turnover, customer service problems, and legal problems which all impact a company’s bottom line.

Let our specialized HR Spanish Translators assist you by professionally translating your important human resource materials such as employee handbooks and training documents into Spanish. We are very familiar with this process and have assisted hundreds of organizations like yours throughout the U.S.

Human Resources & Employee Training Materials Spanish Translation Areas of Specialization

  • Employee handbooks
  • Training manuals and documents
  • Policy manuals and documents
  • Employee newsletters
  • Health insurance documents
  • Employee benefits materials
  • Open enrollment for benefits and healthcare
  • Performance appraisals
  • Operations manuals
  • Employee recruitment ads and posters

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